About “Make Tech Hiring Work”

The internet is full of articles and comments about how tech recruitment is broken. While I don't 100% agree with such a generic statement, I acknowledge that there are more weird hiring loops out there than good ones.

👉 It's mostly you, dear companies!

Companies are full of hiring managers and interviewers without proper training, unsupported recruiters and broken process. Job Descriptions are copy-pasted, they include everything but the kitchen sink in the “requirements” section, intimidating candidates.

🧐 So, what can we do?

Dear hiring managers, interviewers and abandoned talent acquisition folks, I'm here to help you level up your game. I'll show you how to set up a hiring loop properly, how to assess candidates in a structured and fair way, how to conduct interviews and train your peers in it. I'll help you form a working relationship between your recruiters and hiring managers, understand hiring pipeline health and resolve its potential issues.

🧐 Wait a minute, why should I trust you, random stranger from the internet?!

Fair enough. I've spent 20+ years in the industry, the last 14+ of it as a hiring manager. I've helped build out and shape hiring processes, trained interviewers and other hiring managers, optimized hiring loops, and it became my passion. I've interviewed a few hundred engineers, engineering managers and product managers and hired a good 100 of them.

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